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Photo of custom interior construction

The spaces you live and work in every day should be uplifting and inspiring.

Cookie-cutter design solutions serve the interest of mass production and inflated profit margins for the design and construction industry. The cost of this approach is harsh, uninviting spaces that often oppose the very activities and individuals they’re built to support. If you’re ready for a different approach to design, Insightful Design & Architecture has the knowledge, tools, and innovative thinking you need.

Good design, specifically customized to an individual need, has an inherent value all its own. Well-planned spaces dynamically support the functions that occur within them. When a project is tailored to a personal fit, the result is space that can touch and inspire your spirit.

What is the value of inspired design? Our insight will help you find out for yourself.

The Results of Insight: Lory's Place

Photo of Lory's Place

When Hospice at Home's Lory's Place needed space for a children's grief support center, it was obvious that the project would require a unique solution. The primary program was to help grieving children feel comfortable and safe in a space that fit well with surrounding professional offices and upscale residential neighbors. The project required an innovative way to create a special, soothing space.

The result is a supportive environment, incorporating a serene beach theme with intimate, private and comforting spaces, fluid forms, creative lighting solutions, and full-wall murals. Intended to encourage expression of the broad range of emotions experienced by grieving children, this space is a glowing example of how good design can lift the spirit.

(project designed by William Cochran, AIA, under employment by Abonmarche Consultants, Inc., architect of record)

The Results of Insight: Professional Office Building

Blueprint of a building

When an established medical practice needed to expand, they decided a new office building was in order. Their program requirements included active support for medical residents, which made a typical professional office plan inadequate.

A start-from-scratch approach to facility planning incorporated a sensitivity to the potentially conflicting concerns of collegiality, efficiency and privacy. The resulting plan supports interaction and communication between the entire patient care team and facilitates efficient traffic and work flow without exposing sensitive patient information, through a careful manipulation of the boundaries between workspaces and patient traffic areas.

The Results of Insight: Custom Home

Blueprint of a custom home

When tract homes are the norm, uniform neighborhoods beg for the extraordinary. When a creative personality and an unusual lot come together, the resulting home should be exactly that.

A hillside lot between a lake and golf course with views in almost every direction provided the setting for this home. Finding a way to take advantage of these features and enhance an entertainment oriented lifestyle presented a challenge that only a highly customized plan could meet. Creativity and careful attention to the client's wishes and needs resulted in a true showcase!

The Results of Insight: A/E Conference Room

Photo of a conference room

Tasked with creating an impressive space for an architectural and engineering firm to host clients, William drew on his experience with natural materials and custom wood-working techniques to produce an exceptional environment. A custom table, complete with concealed high-tech features, is the centerpiece of the room.

This table and the other tailor-made wood furniture pieces in the room were all designed to emphasize exquisitely detailed solid hardwood and burl veneers. A unique suspension system used to display professional licenses takes an ordinary function to a new level of interest. By designing a custom arrangement of standard, off-the-shelf lighting components, William produced a contemporary, complementary surrounding that echoed the inviting expression of a highly functional conference room.

(project designed by William Cochran, AIA, under employment by Abonmarche Consultants, Inc., architect of record)

Services we offer:

Insightful Design & Architecture, PLLC, is a full services architectural firm specializing in taking your project from concept start to finished reality with all of the following services. For smaller projects or budgets, limited services are available, tailored to fit your needs.

Design Strategy Consultations

Helpful in determining where limited Design Services might be most cost effective.

Project Feasibility Studies

Comparing requirements for the project with reasonable expectations of project size and cost.

Site Review Services

Review land use and zoning requirements, local codes and ordinances for site-related constraints on project.

Code Review

Review building and other codes for architectural constraints.

Architectural Programming

Creating a program of spaces and sizes required to make your vision for your project a reality.

Schematic Design

Creating a basic conceptual plan from an Architectural Program.

3-D Visualization

Clearly convey design intent and provide full understanding of finished project prior to construction, often a highly effective marketing tool for generating interest in a project.

Design Development

Creating a preliminary set of plans from a Schematic Design.


Materials, furnishings and finishes to complete a new project or enhance any existing space.

Construction Documents

Creating drawings for the permitting, bidding and construction of your project.

Project Team Assembly

Assistance in sourcing other design professionals as required, coordinating all services, and bidding and contractor acquisition.

Construction Administration

Working with your contractor as your liaison and advocate through the construction process to ensure the integrity of both the design and construction.

Project Recognition:

Architect William Cochran's creative solution to the unique program requirements for Lory's Place, a children's grief counseling center, received extensive acclaim in both print and television media coverage as a one-of-a-kind, highly effective environment supporting the process of grief for children suffering after the loss of a parent. The facility instantly appeals to children of all ages, drawing them in by capturing their imaginations, and then permitting them to engage with the program and facilitators at their own pace.

While working in Berlin, William contributed to a study model of the City of Berlin that was featured in the book "Berlin Morgen - Ideen Fur Das Herz Einer Groszstadt" Translating to "Berlin Morning - Ideas for the Heart of a Great City", the book features ideas from some of the greatest architectural minds for strengthening the fabric of the city. William's work contributed 3-D modeling of existing urban structures to the computer models used in the study.